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Legislative changes to regulation

Marc Seale from the Health and Care Professions Council the IBMS talks about the legislative changes to regulation. He provides an overview of regulators in UK and discusses the specific changes which have been made. 

Marc Seale, Health and Care Professions Council

The economic need and strategic challenges to developing the scientist workforce

In this presentation, David Wells from NHS Improvement discusses the economic needs and challenges in order to develop the scientist workforce. This includes providing an economic case to show what those in advanced roles are able to achieve. 

David Wells, NHS Improvement

Total Digital Pathology

In this presentation, Chloe Knowles and Basharat Hussain from the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust explore digital pathology. This includes a definition of digital pathology, a general background of digital pathology at Leeds and a look at the NPIC (Northern Pathology Imaging Co-operative). 

Chloe Knowles and Basharat Hussain, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Establishing the consultant biomedical scientist role

In this lecture, Sarah May from the IBMS examines the need for consultant biomedical scientist roles. This has come about due to the increase in the ageing population and how this subsequently will lead to an increase in diseases. 

Sarah May, Institute of Biomedical Science

Emerging professions - physicians' associates and assistants

Dr Peter Nicholls from the University of Kent talks about physicians' associate and assistant programmes (providing a general overview), setting up the Kent and Medway medical school, the growing profession of physicians' associates and assistants and how fellows of the IBMS play a key role in maintaining these programmes. 

Dr Peter Nicholls, University of Kent, Canterbury

Educating and training the scientist workforce; apprenticeships, PTP, STP, HSST - the legacy of MSC

In this lecture, Alan Wainwright from the IBMS explores education and training at the institute in the last 20 years, providing updates on the role the institution has held in this time, the challenges that the profession has found and the legacy of MSC. 

Alan Wainwright CSci FIBMS, Institute of Biomedical Science

Future plans for Med Lab Accreditation

In this presentation, Ben Courtney from Medical Laboratories discusses the future plans for Med Lab Accreditation. This includes reflecting on the current status and feedback, and the long term plans moving forward.

Ben Courtney, Section Head, Medical Laboratories

Point of Care Testing accreditation

In this presentation, Louise Davison, Senior Assessment Manager at UKAS discusses point of care testing accreditation. This includes POCT definitions, application and assessment and the considerations prior to assessment.

Louise Davison, Senior Assessment Manager, UKAS

Technical Surgery - Ongoing verification

In this lecture, Mark Prescott, Assessment Manager gives an insight into the ongoing verification of technical surgery. Discussing the definition of ongoing verification and the general principles to consider.

Mark Prescott, Assessment Manager

Handling ETSs and Flexible Scopes

In this presentation, Martin Stearn, UKAS Senior Assessment Manager shares an insight into handling ETSs and flexible scopes. This includes reflecting on the schedule of accreditation, extention to scope and, the ETS AC6 application form.

Martin Stearn, UKAS Senior Assessment Manager

Accreditation of Pathology Networks

Ben Courtney from Medical Laboratories in this lecture shares an insight into the accreditation of pathology networks. Including a reflection on the current status of accreditation in the UK, maintenance of accreditation and, what does UKAS do and why?

Ben Courtney, Section Head, Medical Laboratories

Accreditation of Pathology Networks - A customer perspective

In this lecture, Denise Cook from the Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services talks about the accreditation of pathology networks, giving a personal take on her network. She provides perspective about what has been successful and what challenges the networks face. 

Denise Cook, Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services

Maintaining Accreditation

In this presentation, Delia Geary from Technical Manager for Healthcare discusses maintaining accreditation. This includes what to do about key changes, relocation and mergers.

Delia Geary, Technical Manager for Healthcare

The Albert Norman Opening Address

Alison Geddis, President of the IBMS, opens the IBMS Congress 2019 by delivering the Albert Norman Opening Address. 

Alison Geddis, President, Institute of Biomedical Science

The Science of Laughter

In this presentation, Professor Sophie Scott from the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience in London shares an insight into the Science of Laughter. Covering the definition of laughter and the origins behind it. 

Professor Sophie Scott, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London

Laboratory service redesign - The Scottish Ambition

Dr David Stirling from NHS National Services Scotland provides insight into laboratory service redesign in Scotland. This includes discussion on what the redesign entails and the Scottish ambition for this redesign. 

Dr David Stirling, NHS National Services Scotland

Consultant Scientists and Consultant Pathologists - an essential partnership

In this talk, Professor Jo Martin, President of the Royal College of Pathologists, explores the relationship between consultant scientists and consultant pathologists, highlighting the importance of this essential partnership.

Professor Jo Martin, Royal College of Pathologists

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Clinical Laboratories

In this lecture, Dr Alistair Gammie from Ortho Clinical Diagnostics talks about reducing the environment impact of clinical laboratories. This involves a general discussion on the things all professionals can do with regards to recycling in the laboratory. 

Dr Alistair Gammie, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics